【Team Building】Dragon Boat Festival, happy games!

On the morning of June 18, the sun was scorching. YUSHENG launched a unique sports meeting, in which all employees actively participated.



In order to improve the resilience and psychological endurance of all employees in the event of major emergencies or natural disasters, the knowledge of using fire extinguishers was first introduced to the public in this sports meeting.


Now let's take a look at the excitement of the sports meeting.

First is the rope skipping competition:


Then came the dribble game


The last one is tug-of-war


After the  sports meeting, we continued with the monthly meeting for everyone. First of all, as always, the recognition of our excellent employees was the link of every month


Next was our most anticipated team demonstration link. Each department would take the initiative to participate in, and use action to convey a positive energy to everyone


Finally, the awarding part of our event


The team building activities has further enriched the cultural and sports life of all employees. It enables all our employees to keep healthy and happy after work, cultivate and enhance the team spirit and sense of collective honor.

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