【Charity】It was snowing heavily and freezing cold. YUSHENG is in action!

It's really getting colder and colder after the heavy snow.And there is a group of smiling faces particularly bright in the cold winter!




In January 2019, YUSHENG brought its warmth to Yushu prefecture in Qinghai province, which saved the group of children from becoming "ice flower teenagers".

This is their life

Zhuoma, from labu township in Yushu county, Qinghai province, said her father abandoned her and her family. She and her two younger brothers and sisters returned to the village with their mother to live with their grandmother. Grandma is over 80 years old and unable to work. Mother has no skills but needs to take care of her family. The family is very poor. Even the only house is borrowed from the relative.

In Lab Township, the lowest temperature in winter is more than 30 degrees below zero. However, children don't have warm winter clothes or even thick quilts.


We are in action

YUSHENG immediately arranged staff to prepare cotton-padded jacket after hearing this news. We folded and packed all the clothes into four big boxes of cotton-padded jacket and quickly sent them to YUSHU.

Because of the high altitude in Tibetan area, the lowest temperature is now more than 30 degrees below zero, and the traffic is very inconvenient. Express can only be sent to the county. The supervisor of the donated institution traveled four hours to the county, and took clothes back to Lab Township, and distributed to 40 children who need clothes.


Although the weather was cold, but every child was smiling. They got the cotton-padded jacket, and could not wait to wear on.

You might be thinking

"It's cold. What are we going to do for the children?"

Not only to send warmth,

Also hope that the children have a happy smile on the face

This year is the second year of YUSHENG's love transmission.

It will continue in the future.……


Hope the story of huasheng also arrived in this winter warmth you

YUSHENG, all the time beside you




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